Put Down that Toothbrush!

We’ve all been told that we should brush our teeth twice a day, and at Jordan Dentistry we definitely agree with that. However, did you know there are times brushing your teeth can actually be harmful? They’re rare, but it’s true! Here are three times you shouldn’t brush your teethBrushing teeth

  • After Vomiting. While it’s tempting to follow this unpleasant activity with toothpaste to remove the taste, don’t! All that stomach acid will have weakened the enamel of your teeth, and brushing now can really cause damage. For best results, swish gently with water a few times, and then brush later.  
  • Before Acidic Foods. Not only does following up toothpaste with orange juice taste gross, it’s bad for your teeth. Brushing teeth removes plaque, which is usually a good thing, except that when it comes to very acidic foods or beverages. In those cases, plaque can actually act as a buffer between acid and enamel.  In general, give yourself about 20-30 minutes between brushing teeth and drinking a soda.
  • Immediately After Eating. Brushing after a meal is not a bad idea, but it’s best to wait about 20 minutes. During that time your saliva will build back up and have time to restore pH, normalize a healthy balance, and remove food debris.

Again, brushing your teeth regularly is important, but there can be too much of a good thing. If you have questions about when you should and shouldn’t brush, contact Jordan Dentistry in Cumming GA! We can help you create a dental care plan that meets your needs.

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