Porcelain Veneers: FAQ

At Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA, we offer a number of general and cosmetic dentistry services, including porcelain veneers. We get a lot of questions about this particular service; here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions!

  • What are Veneers? Porcelain veneers are thin, light porcelain shells that cover the front of teeth to improve their appearance.
  • How Long Does It Take? Generally the process takes three appointments: a consultation and fitting, an appointment to place the veneers, and a follow-up. The whole thing should take about two-three weeks, depending on a number of factors. Veneers
  • Will They Match my Teeth? Yes! We will carefully color-match your teeth as part of the process. Many patients have their veneers made several shades lighter, and then have whitening done on their natural teeth to match. Talk to Dr. Jordan about all your options. And remember, porcelain veneers should never stain.
  • Will They Fall Off? Porcelain veneers are strongly bonded and should not fall off, but if they do, see your dentist immediately for repair or reattachment.
  • How Long Do They Last? With proper care, veneers can last anywhere from seven to 20 years. Brush and floss daily as you normally would, with a nonabrasive, ADA approved-toothpaste, and continue to see your dentist every six months so they can check for any signs of trouble.
  • Will My Insurance Cover Veneers? That depends. Some insurance plans do cover a portion of veneer services up to 50%; some may even cover more. The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Jordan Dentistry can help you find out!

Porcelain veneers aren’t for every patient, but they can be a great way to brighten up your smile! Contact Jordan Dentistry in Cumming to get started!

Can Smoking Harm Your Teeth?

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your lungs. But what about your dental health? It turns out smoking cigarettes harms your mouth and teeth in several ways.

First and most obvious are the cosmetic problems. Smoking causes bad breath! It’s hard to deny how the odor of cigarettes lingers around smokers. This is especially true of the mouth area. Inhaling smoke filled with tar and nicotine also causes tooth discoloration, such as yellowing and stains. Smoking also causes increased tartar and plaque buildup, which can lead to other more serious problems if not treated. If you are experiencing any of these complications from smoking, come talk to us at Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA. We can help you find a solution.

Stop Smoking

Smoking doesn’t just cause cosmetic dental problems, though. Cigarette smoke has been linked to increased loss of bone density in the jaw, gum disease, and oral cancer. Oral cancer tends to be a very aggressive form of cancer, since there are so many blood vessels in the mouth. Smoking increases the length of time you will spend in recovery after dental surgery or tooth extractions, but since it also increases the risk of gum disease, it makes these procedures more likely. 

If you are a smoker, the best choice for your physical and dental health is to quit, but you should also keep in regular contact with your dentist. Jordan Dentistry can help manage cosmetic problems and keep a close eye on other symptoms in a friendly, compassionate atmosphere. We want to help you!

Contact Jordan Dentistry for more information.

Professional Whitening at Jordan Dentistry

Everyone wants a great smile, and that starts with bright teeth. With so many professional whitening services available, how can you know which is your best option? There are many factors to consider: what type of stains are present, and how severe are they? Are there any sensitivity issues to be aware of? How much time and energy do you want to put into whitening your teeth, in the office and at home? And of course, what is your budget? When Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA helps you put together a whitening plan, we take all this into consideration.

At Jordan Dentistry, we offer the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system. Dr. Jordan selected this particular system after extensive research. We think you’ll agree that it offers the best natural-looking results. It requires only three office visits–you complete part of the process in your home. After the third and final visit, when Dr. Jordan applies the whitening, you’ll find your teeth are up to 16 shades lighter! Afterwards, at-home maintenance is easy, so you’ll be able to keep your smile bright and fresh. KöR works on stains from coffee, tea, red wine, and even tetracycline. 

But what about pain or discomfort? No one wants their teeth to hurt. That’s another reason Dr. Jordan utilizes KöR: patients using this system have reported little to no sensitivity and discomfort. We want you to have a positive experience at the dentist!

If you have questions or concerns about KöR whitening, or teeth whitening in general, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our staff at Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA are friendly and knowledgeable! 

Are Your Teeth Sensitive to Cold?

Summer treats are some of our favorites–popsicles, ice cream bars, milkshakes, and slushies are delicious, and perfect for cooling down when it’s hot outside. However, biting into a popsicle only for your teeth to suddenly start to hurt can really put a damper on snack time! Here are some potential causes and solutions when your teeth are sensitive to cold. popsicles in a stack

Most times, teeth become painful when exposed to cold foods because the enamel has worn down, revealing the sensitive cementum and dentin beneath. Dentin is what transmits temperature to the nerves of teeth, so when it’s not well protected by enamel, you can really get a shock! Enamel can get worn down because of bad brushing habits, orthodontic treatments, or clenching or grinding your teeth. Of course, your teeth could also be sensitive to the cold because of cavities, loose or missing fillings, chips, or cracks.

If your teeth are uncomfortably sensitive to cold, speak to your dentist to discern the cause and proper treatment. The sooner you know the cause, the sooner treatment can begin and you can get some relief. Potential at-home treatments may include special toothpaste for sensitive teeth, dietary changes, or additional fluoride treatments. For more serious cases, you may need to visit your dentist for crowns or bonded fillings, gum grafting, or a root canal.

If you find yourself avoiding cold drinks or popsicles, call Jordan Dentistry! We can answer your questions or set up an appointment to take a closer look at what’s causing your problem.

Top Five Tips for Preventing Cavities

At Jordan Dentistry we care about your smile as much as you do. Here are our top five tips for preventing cavities!

  1. The number five tip is also the most popular: brush your teeth twice a day! For best results, brush for at least two minutes (set a timer for children or adults who have trouble remembering) and use a fluoride toothpaste recommended by the ADA. Make sure to brush the front, back, and tops of teeth, and don’t forget your back molars.
  1. Floss daily. Flossing cleans the spaces between teeth where bacteria and food particles can hide. Your toothbrush alone can’t get at these places no matter how hard you try!
  1. Replace your toothbrush about every three months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. A worn out toothbrush doesn’t clean as well as a fresh one. Since it’s tough to remember when your toothbrush is ready for a change, make a note on your calendar or set a reminder on your phone.
  1. Avoid additional sugar. Consider switching sugary snacks for fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking milk or tap water instead of sodas and juices. Of course everyone likes a treat, but sodas, cookies, and sticky candies are terrible for teeth, so make them a sometimes food. Healthy smiles are happy smiles!
  2. See your dentist for regular checkups. Your dental hygiene team will clean deeper than you can at home, and provide regular X-rays and visual inspections to catch problems early. Ultimately your dental health depends on you and your dentist working together!

Contact us to set up an appointment today!

Baby’s First Time…at the Dentist!

Being a new parent can be as overwhelming as it is joyful, with so many things to know and take care of. One thing that can get lost in the shuffle is baby’s first dentist visit.

Did you know most children don’t see the dentist until they’re over two years old? That’s long after the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends. Parents should take their child to the dentist for the first time within six months after their first tooth appears, or at most by the time they are one year old. This first visit is so important in so many ways. It sets the tone for baby’s future visits with the dentist, and dental health as they grow. The earlier you start, the better chances children have to develop good habits and healthy teeth! a baby chews on her finger

Jordan Dentistry can help your newly-teething baby and you as parents in many ways. We will discuss ways to brush and floss your kids’ teeth, appropriate cleaning schedules, and other tips for proper dental care. We can talk about anything that’s worrisome about children’s teeth–thumb sucking or pacifier dependence, for instance. Jordan Dentistry can also help with strategies to survive teething!. Not only is Dr. Jordan an experienced pediatric and family dentist, but our office staff is full of parents just like you.

While baby teeth do eventually fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth, they are so important for children’s long-term health in the meantime. Good teeth are vital to good eating habits. It’s easier to get kids to eat their vegetables if they have strong teeth for crunching!

Contact us today to schedule your baby’s first cleaning.

How Do I Get My Kids to Brush Their Teeth?

Kids can be stubborn at bedtime–especially when it comes to brushing their teeth. Parents already struggling to get an energetic child ready to sleep may find teeth brushing yet another obstacle. Don’t panic! Here are some tips to make it easier, and even get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.two children brush their teeth together

  • Start young. The earlier you start brushing your kids’ teeth, the more time they will have to get used to it and build a routine. By the time they’re old enough to do it themselves, it will already be a habit. Plus, early dental care helps prevent many problems later.
  • Make it special. Take kids to the store and let them pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste. If they have a favorite cartoon, or movie, look for brushes with those characters. Put these in a fun cup or container on the sink, and explain to kids that this means they are getting big–like a new bed, or a new school. Make brushing seem like something special and kids will look forward to it.
  • Make it a game. Is your child especially competitive? If they always want to be the best, get your own toothbrush and challenge them to a Best Brusher competition! Brushing with your kids helps model good dental hygiene, and helps you time monitor their brushing habits (and your own!). Offer a small, inexpensive reward for the winner, like stickers or an extra bedtime story.
  • Make it fun. On the other hand, is your kid a dreamer? Do they love to hear stories and play cooperatively? Turn toothbrushing into an epic quest to defeat the villains plaque and bad breath. Use favorite characters (like the ones on the special toothbrush) in the story, and make your child the hero who saves the mouth!

Don’t hesitate to call us with questions or for help getting your kids to brush their teeth. Our team at Jordan Dentistry in Cumming is knowledgeable and friendly, and as parents ourselves we’ve been there before!

Protect Your Teeth During Summer Sports!

Warm weather is here, and that means summer blockbusters, family vacations, and summer sports are right around the corner. The team at Jordan Dentistry are excited to get outside for our favorites: tennis, triathlons, and boating on Lake Lanier. While sports are great for exercise, building friendships, and having fun, they can spell trouble for teeth and dental health! You wouldn’t play baseball without your glove and helmet to protect your body; here are some ways to protect your teeth during summer sports.

children play soccer outside

  • Wear a mouth guard. Teeth can be chipped, broken, dislodged, or knocked out even during non-contact sports like soccer, or in a pickup game of touch football in the backyard, so wear a mouth guard even if it’s not required. Stock mouth guards can be purchased at most stores (make sure you look for one with the ADA Seal of Approval), while serious athletes or those playing contact sports can invest in a custom mouth guard made specifically to fit their mouth.
  • Get regular cleanings. Swimming is fun, but can lead to discoloration called “swimmer’s calculus.” Even good brushing and flossing habits just aren’t enough to combat this in people who swim regularly. Regular cleanings also allow your dentist to keep an eye out for any problems with your teeth before they become serious.  Call us to schedule a cleaning, and we’ll help ensure your teeth look just as great as your 100 meter time!
  • Talk to your dentist. Whether you’re playing soccer, practicing football, going snorkeling or scuba diving, running a marathon, doing gymnastics, or taking up kickboxing, ask us about the ways we can work together to protect your teeth while playing sports. If your teeth are injured while playing sports, call us immediately! Jordan Dentistry offers many services in-house.

Summer sports are great fun and great exercise, but you only get one set of permanent teeth. With the right care and attention, Jordan Dentistry in Cumming can help ensure you keep enjoying your favorite summer sports and healthy teeth!

5 Ways To Manage Dental Exam Anxiety

Dental Work ImgGoing to the dentist can cause anxiety in some people. At Jordan Dentistry, we want all of our patients to be as comfortable as possible when they come to see us. Take a look at just 5 ways that may help decrease your pre-dental exam anxiety.

Focus on your breathing. When people are nervous they tend to hold their breath, which decreases oxygen levels and further increases feelings of panic. As in some meditation techniques, a focus on slow, regular breathing helps reduce stress levels.

Choose a low-stress appointment time. Select a time for your dental visit when you’re less likely to be rushed or under pressure. This might mean a Saturday or an early-morning appointment.

Use hand signals. When you feel uncomfortable, empower yourself to use designated hand signals to let your dentist know how you’re feeling.

Listen to music. Don’t like the sound of the drill? Put in your headphones and listen to your favorite tunes.

Share your concerns. Tell your dentist how you’re feeling about the visit so that they’re able to reassure you that everything will be okay.


These are just a few of the ways that you can lower your pre-dental exam anxiety.
For more information about our services at Jordan Dentistry, visit our website or give us a call at 770-888-6262. Are you a current Jordan Dentistry patient? Rate your experience and leave us feedback on your experience in the review section of our social media platforms today. We always enjoy hearing from you!

Helping Your Child Get Used To Braces

bracesGetting braces is definitely a different experience that comes with its own set of social challenges and anxieties. Take a look at this short guide that’ll help you make your child’s transition to braces an easy one.


Remind them that braces can show personality. Red and green for Christmas? White and red for your favorite sports team? You can change the color of the bands around your braces each time they are tightened. It’s fun to try new color combinations.

Milkshakes for dinner. When braces are first placed on the teeth and each time they are tightened, they become sore for a few days. Deciding beforehand to pack pudding for lunch and make milkshakes and smoothies for dinner is a great idea. Your child will feel a little spoiled and won’t go hungry while his teeth hurt.


Remind them to “kill them with kindness.” Smile big and say thank you to the bully. Tell him he is lucky to have such great teeth. It takes more effort to smile and be kind, but it always works in the end.

These are just a few ways you can help your young buck adjust to their new life with braces. Reminding your kiddos to mentally encourage them self while in uncomfortable situations is also good. Things like “Braces are better to have now than later in life.” “My teeth will be perfectly straight after this!” are all positive things to think about when they begin to feel down about their braces.

For more information about our services at Jordan Dentistry, visit our website or give us a call at 770-888-6262. Are you a current Jordan Dentistry patient? Rate your experience and leave us feedback on your experience in the review section of our social media platforms today. We always enjoy hearing from you!